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What is Dark Tastes about?
Dark Tastes
Urban Fantasy
Dark Tastes
November 2019 - Canada
1 hour, 31 minutes
Dark Tastes Productions Inc.

Welcome to Dark Tastes, a restaurant that has no address, no phone number and whose website is a black page. It is a place where dirty deals are done in the dark, between lethal operatives who are as amoral as they are insane. No one ever sees what goes on, because at Dark Tastes, you dine in complete and utter darkness, served by those who are blind.

It's business as usual as Simmons and Bron, two former mercenaries go there to do a deal. Bron has a stolen pair of glasses that will make every flat screen on Earth obsolete overnight. But Simmons just got hacked and doesn't have the cash.

Joining them are Vera, Simmons' wife and Randi, Bron's model girlfriend. Just before they go in, Bron's sister Lucretia crashes the party and invites herself along.

Inside the black and crowded restaurant, the mysterious Jacqueline, their blind and beautiful waitress, leads them to table. The five then taste greens that are from the Garden of Eden. The real Garden of Eden. And this is just the first of many surprises.

As the meal progresses, the restaurant's blind owner, Nazeem, presents himself and in a horrific act of violence, revenges himself upon Simmons by killing Vera in the dark, right at their table!

As everything goes to Hell, the five find themselves scattered throughout the corridors of the restaurant, hunting each other and the illusive glasses. We quickly discover that no one is who they seem and everyone has a hidden agenda, especially the mysterious Jacqueline. For she is the one responsible for Dark Tastes' unique food, food that comes from other 'wheres'. And other 'whens'.

Dark Tastes is a movie unlike anything you have ever experienced, not least because anytime we are in the restaurant, the audience sees a totally black screen. It is a dark-as-night urban fantasy with layered depths that will take your mind and eyes to places they have literally never been. It toys with what you can and cannot see, twisting and turning as it hurtles towards a mind-blowing climax that will leave audiences stunned, with only one thing running through their minds: I must see this again.

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Toronto, Canada
Producer/Director Dan Couto